Transforming Children's Lives Through the Power of Sports and Play

“ Coach Arif's Journey with Right To Play Thailand”

Transforming Children’s Lives Through the Power of Sports and Play: Coach Arif’s Journey with Right To Play Thailand 

 Coach Arif is a dedicated and passionate community coach whose love for football is transforming the lives of children in the Haroon community. Despite working full-time at a private company, Arif sacrifices his personal time every evening and weekend to be a religious teacher and community coach for football. 

His tireless efforts have inspired a new generation of children to grow, learn, and strive for a brighter future. 

For the past 2-3 years, Arif has been working with Right To Play Thailand as part of their Side By Side program. Through the program, he has gained valuable insights into enhancing children’s lives, sports skills, and leadership qualities. The organization has been a valuable support system for Arif, allowing him to develop his skills and confidence as a community coach for football.  

Arif’s work with Right To Play has been life-changing, not only for himself but also for the children in the community. He has helped the children to practice sports, teaching them discipline and other life skills. He believes that playing sports can help children grow up to be good individuals and contribute to a better society. By encouraging the children to strive for their goals, whether it’s to become an athlete or pursue a successful career, Arif takes pride in being a youth coach for children in the community. He strives to help them grow into good individuals with bright futures. 

At the beginning of his journey, Arif never thought he would become a community coach. He was just a football enthusiast who wanted to teach the children in the community and provide them with good opportunities. Using his passion for football, Arif has helped build a brighter future for the children in the Haroon community. It is rewarding for him to assist with the management of sports teams for children, as he gets to witness their development and growth. It is fulfilling to see them progress and succeed.  

The impact of Right To Play’s initiatives has been far-reaching, extending beyond just sports and recreation. Arif has gained respect and support from other coaches in different communities who have attended Right To Play events and training. He is proud to use his abilities to help others and teach life skills that he himself has never learned. He feels grateful for the invaluable assistance provided by Right To Play in providing the children with opportunities to experience new things. 

Arif’s inspiring leadership has been recognized by children in his team. Been has told us that,  coach Arif pushes them to work harder in practices, unlocking their full potential. With unwavering belief in the children’s abilities, Arif instills confidence in the team and inspires them to keep striving for greatness. His team members express the joy they feel while practicing with him and their team, creating a fun and supportive environment. 

Coach Arif’s journey with Right To Play Thailand is an inspiring example of the transformative power of sports and play on children’s lives. His dedication and passion as a community coach for football are making a positive impact on the children in the Haroon community, and his work has been life-changing for both himself and the children. The story highlights the importance of community coaches like Arif and organizations like Right To Play in supporting and enabling coaches to positively impact their communities. Arif hopes to continue making a positive impact on the lives of children in the future, using his love for football to inspire and transform their lives.