Play for inclusion. Everyone can play.  

In the past, Hnin Hnin thought children with disabilities could not play or interact with others. She did not like or sympathize with them. She felt they were different from her and beyond her ability to take care of them.   

“Through Right To Play’s FAST project, I played with children with disabilities, and realized that they could do many things like me and my friends, and for whatever reason we should not discriminate against or despise any disability. They should be treated like everyone, with respect and dignity, because they are part of our shared humanity.”   

Hnin Hnin is 14 years old and one of the youth leaders in the FAST program. She is both a participant and an organizer of many activities with children with disabilities, such as sports trainings for development, friendship activities, and learning exchange activities.     

Right To Play is about to finalize the FAST project and is proud of the children and young people who have all proved that play is a powerful tool for inclusion.