In 2021-2025, we are determined to deepen our expertise and experience on youth leadership and physical, social and economic wellbeing of children and youth through innovative ways of play. We continue to build a youth leaders model (child participation) in all of our projects, which scales up the impact deliveries.

Social well-being

Enhanced well-being of children, young people and disadvantaged communities through sport and play promoting life skills development and social cohesion to avoid anti-social behaviours and crime.

Program Highlights

  • Promote youth leadership development through trainings 
  • Organize weekly sport and play activities to develop life skills
  • Implement female empowerment activities for girls and young women 
  • Collaborate with community leaders, community committees, and community coaches
  • Rehabilitate play spaces

Program Results

  • Improved life skills for children and young people
  • Increased community and social cohesion
  • Improved learning environments within open and safe play spaced providing child friendly and emotionally safe learning

Physical well-being

To develop leadership skills for youth leaders so that they can increase physical activities to foster health and wellbeing across generations through intergenerational approach of sports and play, and to promote a sense of ASEAN Community. 

Program Highlights

  • Provide trainings on technical sports and life skills
  • Young leaders design, develop, implement, and report on outreach initiatives in local communities and are coached along the way
  • Organize a virtual ASEAN intergenerational sports festival
  • Develop knowledge sharing and exchange platform and produce manual of intergenerational sport and play-based activities

Program Results

  • Improved leadership and facilitation skills among youths
  • Increased physical activities promoting healthy lifestyle and wellbeing across generations
  • Outreach project initiatives implemented in local communities by youth leaders using sport and play-based activities with intergenerational approach
  • Enhanced sense of ASEAN community through sport and play

Economic well-being

Former young offenders aged 15-24 in Thailand are empowered to fulfil their potential and participate in the workforce/society on an equal basis and are prevented from reoffending within one year after release.

Program Highlights

  • Train and coach youth about life skills for employability
  • Provide job readiness, Entrepreneurial skills workshop and support job placement or seed money for selected young employees
  • Coach youth up until one year after release
  • Youth conduct community engagement activities inside and outside juvenile centers.
  • Build partnerships with stakeholders that have potential to support the youth

Program Results

  • Improved life skills that support young people’s readiness for employment or entrepreneurship
  • Increased access to employment and entrepreneurship opportunities.
  • Increased community engagement and supportive networks for economic opportunity and social inclusion in the community