iMPACT Stories


"win became a leader and inspiration to children and uses his free time to positively change himself and his community."


“I believe football is for boys and girls. Actually, it’s for everyone. I even saw national football players who are female. So. I believe everyone can play football.”

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Play makes my life easier

Daw Marlar (false name) is 46 years old. Currently she is staying with her 3 children. She has been in Thailand for 16 years. 

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Home-based learning

COVID-19 outbreak severely affect the world of education. The measures have forced all migrant children school in Mae Sot, Tak to close since March 2020. 

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Opportunity Matters

Kim goal and hope is that in the next three years, he will strenghten the capacity and the ability of the children in the community to be able to attend sports schools or various sports competitions.

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RongMoo Community Coach Story

For more than 30 years, Coach Uan has sacrificed his time for the children of Bangkok’sRongMoo community to work as a sports instructor and community coach.

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Play for inclusion.Everyone can play

In the past, Hnin Hnin thought children with disabilities could not play or interact with others. She did not like or sympathize with them. She felt they were different from her and beyond her ability to take care of them.   

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Play For Career: Youth Unlocking their Potential program.

Guy is one of the young people who took a misstep in life, found himself in a juvenile detention center, and is now determined to start his life again with a career as a male barber. 

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