Play Makes My Life Easier

Daw Marlar Story

Daw Marlar (false name) is 46 years old. Currently she is staying with her 3 children. She has been in Thailand for 16 years. She works as a migrant factory worker. She lives in one of the migrant communities called Sue Bot community where RTP activities are delivered.

She has been participating in RTP activities since RTP activities have started in that community. Currently, she is an active participant and she always engages deeply in the RTP activities.

Daw Marlar has learned working together with others, and she has increased life skills knowledge, problem solving skills and having emotional happiness. In addition, she said “one of my highlight lesson learned from RTP activities is one of the problem solving games called human knot. I thought that to untie the knot it will be very difficult and there will be no solutions. But however, RTP field facilitator encouraged that we have a way to solve that problem. When the RTP field facilitator showed us how to untie the knot, I learned that many problems may seem unsolvable, but there are always ways to solve every problem and we need to be think carefully and concentrate on solving the problem rather than worrying too much and getting frustrated.” Daw Marlar said that she also applies these skills in her work as well. For instance, when she is facing a big problem in her work, she always reminds her self that there is always a way to solve every problem and we can solve any problem small or big.

Daw Marlar said that before she joined RTP activities, she has social problems in her work, was not able to cooperate with others, and that she was arrogant and she thought that she can be by herself and does not need to cooperate with others. In addition, she was egoistic and people cannot make any mistakes to her. She wasn’t always tolerant and sometimes responded to others in a bad way. This resulted in many unnecessary problems at work and it was stressful. However, after she joined RTP activities, she is calmer and she realized that she cannot stay alone and must cooperate and socialize with others. In addition, she is more careful with her words to others and she tries to be patient and she tried to be adaptive with people around her. Therefore, at work there is now better cooperation and she is able to avoid unnecessary problems.

RTP activities help make my life easier and I have more fun in daily life

RTP Field Facilitator said,” when I first met her, she seem so harsh and difficult to communicate with, and she seems less involved and concentrated in the training and activities. After she has joined several RTP activities, I can see significant changes in her that she is more involved and engaged with the activities. She is more socializing and having fun with other participants. She is always on time to the activities and she joined most of the RTP activities.