Transforming Lives through the Power of Sport and Play. Coach Bangariem's Journey with Right To Play Thailand.

Transforming Lives through the Power of Sport and Play: Coach Bangariem’s Journey with Right To Play Thailand 


Coach Bangariem has inspiring a new generation of leaders through the power of sports. This dedicated community coach is using his love for football to help children in the Suan Phlu community grow, learn, and strive for a brighter future. 

Somsak PhakdeeButdee also known as Coach Bangariem. He has been working with Right To Play Thailand for the past 3 years and has deliciated himself to be the community coach of the Suan Phlu community in Bangkok for the same period of time. He has been helping to practice sports for the children and teaching them discipline and other life skills. He believes that playing sports can help children grow up to be good prson in the future and contribute to a good society. 


His love for football is what inspired him to become a community coach for the children. He grew up playing soccer and it has become his passion. He has a deep love and attachment to football, and wants to share this love with the children in his community by teaching them how to play football and helping them develop their skills in a creative way. 


Coach Bangariem work with Right To Play has been life changing not only him but the children in the community too. Right To Play has given him a lot of thought and freedom in his work as a community coach and has supported him along the way. He has gained a lot of respect and support from other coaches in different communities who have attended Right To Play events and training. Somsak is proud to use his abilities to help others and teach life skills that he himself has never learned. 


Coach Bangariem has say that Right To Play also had a great impact on the Suan Phlu community. Since Right To Play came into the community, there has been a considerable improvement at a level that the community would not have been able to achieve on their own. Right To Play has encouraged the community to have playing devices and new and safe playgrounds for sports practice. The children in the community have been given the opportunity to meet new friends for other community for our program and open up new experiences, such as a football clinic, where they got to meet various football players and famous footballers from LFC and LFCF. They have even gotten to experience the football field of the Muangthong United Football Club and watch a variety of big football competitions in Thailand.  

The new stadiums, improved safety, and better equipment have also had a positive impact on the children. There are now more facilities available for children and various departments, which provide a wide range of activities. Coach Bangariem is proud of everything he has worked on with Right To Play and happy to provide children with these opportunities. He hopes that these opportunities will lead to the children having a bright future and being able to play professional football and even lead the national team. 


Kin, a member of the team, revealed to us the inspiring leadership of Coach Bangariem. The coach is pushing the team to work harder in practices, unlocking their full potential. With unwavering belief in the children’s abilities, Coach Bangariem instills confidence in the team and inspires them to keep striving for greatness. Kin expressed the joy they feel while practicing with the coach and their team, creating a fun and supportive environment. 

Coach Bangariem is a passionate and dedicated community coach who has a deep love for football and a strong desire to help children in his community. He is proud to be a part of Right To Play and hopes to continue to make a positive impact on the lives of children in the future.